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Meet the Director of Food Services

Food Services Director Photo

On behalf of Great Western Dining Service I would like to take this opportunity to welcome all new and returning students to what I can already tell will be a truly exciting school year!

I want to start by telling you I consider this your cafeteria. It is my responsibility to ensure you have an enjoyable dining experience. I have an open-door policy, and promise you this; I will listen to any concerns, answer any questions and consider all reasonable requests. There are several avenues for the communication of your food service wants and needs. Through conversation with myself or my team members, by utilizing our comment board, or through your food committee representative.

On a regular basis we will have Student Special Events. These are fun and exciting ways to change your regular dining routine. They can consist of anything from and Ice Cream Sundae Bar, to an Elaborate Buffet, to a Holiday Party.

Once again, I want to welcome you to school and I hope you have a great year. Please let me know if I can be of any help or service.

Name: Jan Stitt
Title: Director of Food Services
Location: El Dorado
Phone: (316) 322-3195
Fax: (316) 322-3275