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Cummins Hall (Female Only)

Cummins Hall houses 130 female students and features rooms that house two students and share a bathroom with an adjoining room. There are also three person rooms that have their own bathroom. There is a laundry facility on the second floor as well as vending machines on the first floor. The lobby on the first floor is equipped with a television and couches. The second floor lobby provides a work space, computers, and a television. This hall is equipped with an elevator and walkway on the second floor that connects to the second floor of East Hall.

Click HERE to see a floor plan of Cummins Hall.

Name: Heather Rinkenbaugh
Title: Residence Hall Director
Location: El Dorado
Building: 1300
Room: 1300
Phone: (316) 322-3295
Ext: 3295

Residence Hall Address For Student Mail

(Student Name)
2415 W. Towanda
Hall - (Name), Room - (Number)
El Dorado, KS 67042