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Welcome to Residence Life

College presents many new and exciting opportunities. Living on campus provides every student the opportunity to be part of a unique living and learning environment. At Butler, we seek to make our residence halls a place where students feel at home and connected to the people around them. We believe that student involvement outside of the classroom is critical to success, and we make it our goal to provide a variety of events and programs to meet the needs of the students we serve.

Butler currently has 4 different living arrangements on campus which house 377 students. Each room is assigned with consideration of the information highlighted in the housing application by the student. These living arrangements are highlighted individually to the left of this page (Apartments, Cummins Hall, East Hall, West Hall).


The mission of Residence Life is to create a comprehensive living-learning environment that complements the mission of the College. In Residence Life we are committed to providing opportunities for the personal growth of student residents in a living-learning environment. In Residence Life we offer programs and activities that promote educational achievement, embrace diversity, encourage civic engagement and responsibility, community service, personal accountability and social interaction.

Residence Life Staff

The Director and 2 Hall Managers accompanied by 5 Hall Professionals and Resident Assistants work to provide a safe and fun living and learning environment for the residents. The residence halls are monitored by a closed-circuit television security system as well as the Department of Public Safety & Security.

Name: Heather Rinkenbaugh
Title: Director of Residence Life
Location: El Dorado
Phone: 316-322-3295

Name: Andrea Weiss
Title: Hall Manager/ Coordinator of Student Involvement
Location: El Dorado

Name: Jordan Abbott
Title: Hall Manager/Football Coach
Location: El Dorado

Name: Jason Hamm
Title: Operations Manager/Event Manager
Location: El Dorado

Name: Heather Rinkenbaugh
Title: Director of Residence Life
Location: El Dorado
Building: 1300
Room: 1300
Phone: (316) 322-3295
Ext: 3295

Residence Hall Address For Student Mail

(Student Name)
2415 W. Towanda
Hall - (Name), Room - (Number)
El Dorado, KS 67042